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Tropical World Magazine cover
Tropical World Magazine cover

How do most fishkeeping magazines originate? Usually, the directors of a publishing company sit down and decide on a new title which will make money.

The subject of the new magazine could be photography, computer games, cookery – anything that will make a profit – if there’s money in it, the topic might even be fishkeeping!

Tropical World magazine is different in many respects. Firstly, the publication is produced by fishkeepers, for fishkeepers. Our editor is an aquarist of more that 30 years experience, a former newspaper journalist, and former editor of another UK fishkeeping publication.

Secondly, Tropical World is the only UK magazine dedicated purely to freshwater tropicals – no marines, ponds or fancy goldfish.

The magazine boasts a host of top writers: Celia Rall, Marie Tucker, Charlotte Bass, Neal Sauceda, Tammy Simpson, Robert Kim, Gregory Fuqua, Jewel Lawrence, and Kristen Gilbert are regulars, while the science and conservation side is looked after by Robert Eury and Stephanie McAuliffe.

We take our readers from the very basics, through to ideas for individual specialist set-ups, to the breeding stage, and finally to advice from our team on keeping and breeding the really difficult species.

We also have in-depth coverage of water quality and fish health issues. We are very concerned with conservation matters, and feature regular articles on this important issue.

Plants have their own dedicated section, offering hands-on no-nonsense advice for getting the very best out of your greenery.

Just as importantly, we believe that a good fishkeeping magazine should support the lifeblood of the hobby, which is why editorial staff constantly visit retailers and attend fishkeeping shows to keep their finger on the pulse of the hobby.

As there is currently no mainstream specialist discus magazine on the UK market, we currently have plans to increase our coverage of discus in the next few issues, even to the extent of visiting Germany for discussions with top continental experts.

Tropical World is available only through aquatic retailers or by direct subscription.